sun 3-10-2019 10:17am

The ones who play games with the formula of inadequate proportions spill the guts of the past and sting the present with a sharp emerald tipped friendly how-do-you-do in effort to fondle open the door of instituted policy and how to greet one another more efficiently to say goodbye more effectively in one ear straight simple tolerance out the mouth of another sample named The Way in being time projected as an impossible measure of length or perfected as hoarded capitol while the real regret of inevitable future exists where we have become alone through our awkward over-arching choices and our countless ugly misdirections.

sat 3-2-2019 1:37 pm

Genuflect upon hard boiled earthly fusion and infest your mind with protoplasmic frustration with the impropriety of an inferior complexity that mirrors the zeal of ten thousand sons, the same zeal found in a righteous cellmate committed to the stagnation of two million kalpas inside the flavor of four thousand distinct realities that point in a hundred contrived and convoluted variable directions where ten frames of reference are used ad infinitum to describe the same endless form of change two ways in boundless effort sans the bite of ad nauseum necessity.

fri 10-26-18 5:30 am

In response to retrograde epic as told by the Duke of Sand Paper who stands defiant and screams proudly in the middle of his glorious woeful office roundabout seeking mischievous definition of abrupt silent memories from a frightened placed named the careful comfort of nationalism as society looks hard to discover the secret of how to obliterate itself by raising its collective hands tied behind its feet.

tues 4-10-2018 6:01am

Uncomfortable in its substantial warmth the persistent embrace of the nuclear furnace of Undeniable Truth leaves us martyred on credit as the punch line for the raw conduit of forgotten man's chemical throw away flashes it's synthesis upon emergence from shallow water becoming a place of mundane magic growing quickly and avoided as a rigged game of chance eventually welcomed as a place of intuition and for past lives to be remembered while we eat lunch and replace our faces numerous burn holes as discarded napkins for the most readily available outcome.

sun 4-1-2018 6:44am

Falling down with a thud next door neighbor auto-erotic routine events of spring sun mylar asphyxiation shining reflections proud guilt outlined with interpersonal dark air threats to let the invisible dwellers in this building pretend to be real for a minute and an occasional try for a sign to stand aside any effort or suffer a poetic series of broken knee-caps because this damned garbage has got to go somewhere and the only dumpster is a block away.

fri 3-16-2018 8:07am

Soiled and spent atop a reef of steel stretched by the means of production of nickel and dimed children's spent bread crumbs into the Norse wind upstairs stranded without even a smell of their goodnight moment share of borrowed distraction engulfed by brittle skeletal hands burnt away by a war at world billed as a noble monetary venture.

thur 1-25-18 4:46 am

Enter the Skinner Box to embrace the challenges of paranoia and obliterate a history of spurious action spread eagle rear wings bent back upwards stand on hands and squat under the dim light containment far away from blue skies in the cloudy time of year as a reminder that the suspect activity within this desperate darkness doesn't cheapen the experience.

sat 1-20-18 5:52 am

Hideous natural tendencies to know thyself as pudding isn't rocket science through the downward push uphill to Boulder Colorado or another spiral that tends to confuse you for yourself and others who identify as the objective to the rule until it's over the side to let it blow because it's really no big wheel.

thur 1-13-18 6:20 pm

Specifically developed literacy towards trendy pant-leg no-pleat style human remains always in fashion to deliver handheld longtime codependent goodbyes for the guy who craves the new hello system of communication intrigue because he has all the friends he ever needs so why not make acquaintances in dark alleys to tip the scales in favor of the sweet saccharine drip of a completely charming how's it going late afternoon blank stare cotton candy iced-over primrose field of bright contentment.

thur 1-4-18 7:15am

Quiet automatons of the United marshmilitary form aggressive strike formations that drone effortlessly on the impermanent pale desolate skies cold isolation framed harshly against our distant indignation and built as a woeful sculpture's commemoration of our idyllic home prepared for inevitable winter tempest.

fri 12-29-17 4:44am

The blatant end of another error confirms our bias and supports the truth that Future will be in the foreseeable strangeness in the form of a rag tag band of misfits united against the one true Allfather named as Time unbeknownst to the standard deviation behavior subscribed by another Year of The Monkey-Brained Nose-Biter but how many more have we got left in us?

wed 12-20-2017 5:28am

Into the new hearty seasons antagonization of how ya doing have a happy holiday pronouncements instructing same day sex delivery systems some from below the same as above to surely improve our judgmental estimations sown from the eyeballs or the testes depending on a personally prescribed sorting methodology used to interpret meaning within a thin and particularly sought after veiled linearity.

sun 12-17-17 8:22am

Every clown has a silver handgun.

sat 9-16-17 7:12am

September weather holds court cool nights hot days winds spiral smokey yellow landscape orange dusty blown city grey-brown Holocene debris opens no portal to Oz through upward heavens spin in a lucky start independent to an interesting silent moment found married once again to the plurality of geography.

sat 9-9-17 6:36am

Mugwump shed its exuviae revealing a patina of exceptional quality, having ripened longer than any other troglodyte. Mugwump spent its life worshiped as God by the local inhabitants who would rely on Mugwump to answer their important questions and guide their lives. In exchange for an offering Mugwump was ready to respond with a thoughtful gurgle or a benign slurp .

sat 7-22-17 3:43am

Everything she knew about love, she learned from watching Family Feud and 25 years of Seinfeld reruns.

thur 5-25-17 6:17am

Imagine that you are taking a walk in your hometown when you notice a dog sitting on the steps of a Catholic church, wearing sunglasses and that dog is here to deliver a message from God to you, but not for you and he is a dog so he cannot speak.

wed 3-15-2017 5:48pm

When I say wiretapping

I mean lovemaking

and when I mean lovemaking

I really mean drag-racing.

sat 2-11-17 10:08am

If you develop an opinion that liberal democracy is obsolete and begin rejecting assertions that violence is automatically negative in nature, and if you begin viewing political violence, war, and imperialism as means that can achieve national rejuvenation or have feelings that advocate a mixed economy with the principal goal of achieving autarky through protectionist and interventionist economic policies, you may be developing Fascism and should immediately consult with a rational person who doesn't have a stick up their ass.

sun 1-28-17 3:08am

Some trees are grown tall so that they can eventually be made into pencils.

sat 12-17-16 6:09am

Communications relayed from hard-pressed fully-automatic hand-to-hand untold excitement heavy with local fear mongering light on mundane outcomes for a future underneath a sky of backwards aluminum trails high above a time forgotten overland as we build our new realm deep inside drain pipes huddled to listen at low frequency signals which muddle the continuous brain-washing we call wholesome Midwestern oatmeal cans home across every early morning breakfast nook never to see the love of sunrise and every modulation determines our particular weekday behavior.

fri 12-2-16 5:23am

Centimeters of open-hearted love meant for another's satisfaction or whoever is willing to receive the expression of an individual's directed cursory sentiment as performed in the waning days of the dawn empires drowning beneath the confines of a world slow to respond to the tidal array of desperate outcomes complicated over-reach played out behind the curtain of the false underneath rhythms foretold as politely inspired paperwork make-believe so ego's unholy worthy happiness may extol the ghostly filament of America's haunted firmament.

fri 11-25-16 5:30am

Subsist between death and dying filled with the befuddlement of life's onward way under a temperate sweat within todays and yesterdays for the every stuff of all the bits we hang upon for better hope and may seasons change help cry participation as the awakened rally to return to the slumber of brightly colored leaves and smells particular to this moment with just the right amount of rain chosen for the ideal daylight needs of an out-gunned underclass full of soft shoe smiles wide in attempt to influence the pagan gods to not undo decades of effort trying to live a fair life and still get laid.

fri 11-18-16 4:20am

Into hospitals magnificent layered temple of the sun edifice built upon birth and death filled with the gloom of this regions most miserable victims drawn from city and countryside brought to be housed among sickness and decay    effort to stretch mortality hanging between two pillars low to the dirt picked by buzzards until time to release back to the wild or to deposit down into the depths of Hades where a fate more simple than health insurance awaits the transient soul ultimately remembered in the bric a brac left in our stead.

fri 11-11-16 4:09am

Mighty fortifications reign delight for a solitary private life complemented by an overly social professional existence spent equal times weird behind the wheel or the pen scrambling down strange symbols and busy roads     pontification of brushing teeth or the avoidance of bad advice sometimes while being chased by a pack of standard beagles sometimes while standing on one leg giving appreciation to the thoroughness of wholesome American fun polluted and choked through the throat of salt air trees not designed to grow at this altitude in this neck of the tie.

fri 11-4-16 4:03am

Hats off to the best lesser candidate who will rue the day they take the office they threw so much shit to obtain when they've become the President Who's Name Shall Not Be Spoken or so says the Dark Lord who happens to be visiting awfully frequently these days     this land was your land once great in memory declared due for a proper utilitarian sacrifice the next time around if ever we hope to usher in the horror of a nine thousand year reign of a Great Ancient Evil that we can all look up to and avert our eyes collectively weeping blood and seeking a way out that was closed and sealed before we realized the need to look for it.

fri 10-28-16 4:01am

Voodoo charms presented by over-sized flying insects that circle your muttering head are seabirds so far inland     portrayed as ominous signals of the fruition of deals made from bone and contracts certified in discord as the enemies closest to you unravel     kindred spirits with the things with wings when the neighbors deeply unfavorable opinions of the situation cause them to trim your bushes while you aren't around and feed the birds under a sky of unhappy lightning     while angry flies live off the confident dead things hiding behind the shrubbery and confess their autumnal love to an appreciative Baalzebub.

fri 10-21-16 4:07am

Mired in the moment wired to the past mix of experience and regret laden with heavy memories     most exciting and wild in the organizing of ongoing strange day to day ordination existing of choice and vocation of repossessed niche in societies obligatory game of participate or go to jail     doubling as a low rent gratis poet bard champion to Nothing     no cause to suggest the betterment of mankind as the day job of subtle internal rages that progress into intensely frustrating capitulation and the night job when subversion can be adequately appreciated within the framework of the hairy whole via the reformulation of a secret handshake.

fri 10-14-16 4:31am

Into speculation of classical music     introduction to the sound of this rooms motors and ceiling fan turning on the evening     a city bus passes snicker-doodles outside navigating just beyond the shores of down the street gaining unity within the concrete river curbs of road turning intersections into way-points     north south east west under-shined hilltop flutist flutes near the windows spider plants resting sill and completing abduction of the second last beer striving enjoyment before a quiet dinner with the favored interloper.

thur 7-28-16 10:43am

Waking up from a short nap and the nation has had a revolution and the fight is over before noon and power has changed hands to remain the same so you won't even get your chance to poke a tank with a stick and you never even got to present the world with the war boner which you've been dutifully fondling through the hole in the back pocket of your black market pants half of your adult life and the damned thing has gotten so swollen with patriotism cultivated from all the lack of sex you knew you were never going to have anyway because you are so god damned ugly and the blue balls are making you rethink this healthy life style which you've imposed on the neighborhood leading to the distinct possibility that you could very likely live past the age of one hundred which means you will have plenty of time to continue to plan your suicide.

thur 7-14-16 5:31am

War jazz plays loudly in the background of our Thursday morning workday bathroom where heaving motion is implied by standing still in the inside corner of the outside wall while we make up our own lyrics to sing at the tumultuous music of everyday.

wed 7-13-16 5:35am

All roads lead to five miles of foot path with no shade encountering descendant remnants of the past master-race of dinosaurs and inevitably crossing fate with super-sized insect overlords of the eventual future.

tues 7-12-16 7:46am

Living in the middle of a weaponized construction zone which was designed to be a thoroughly malevolent traffic experience for those trapped as witnesses within the automobiles of their doom.

mon 7-11-16 6:37am

The Aural-Data Transmogrification chamber has completed it's cycle with the shedding of the old chitinous layer and the anticipated metamorphosis reveals its product in the rise of new energies.

wed 3-30-16 5:50am

Salvation finds bliss entwined splendidly with misery upon rote trajectory flung onward headlong-sideways ten furlong an instant half the distance between the sun and the moon on steady course for confirmed positive macho bad-asses aiming between the bed-sheets of the Grade A middle class where participants angle neurosubstrates of ego toward inspired notions of a cultivated motivational afterlife.

thur 3-24-16 5:58am

The Aura-6 system design was written in intimate biographical flourishes peppered with notes of achievement in aural excellence adhering to standard narrative sentence structure compiled while forming tones of instinctual terror of preternatural activities typical to the aptly sorted prehensile systems of survival caliber qualifiers engaged and thoroughly dependent upon circumnavigation through significant metaphors and a plethora of unique though wearisome dungaree storage enhanced for hollering-at-one-another and essential to maintaining significant meaning in the movement of available feet, transcendent and otherwise.

sat 3-19-16 4:58am

Open nostrils wide and suck down some air, press the red button and speak with intent, press the red button and pause/wait one second, press the green button and let it turn yellow, then press the red button and fondle the designated keys in the accurate sequence, press the green button and wait one second. Suck down gas from cylinder A, press record, play four counts on the board, press the green button twice, pause/wait, breath out and breath in, hold breath, repress the green button before the fifth light turns red, play B and C together and breath out A. Gulp air from cylinder B, press the green button and wait until it turns red, count to ten and touch the screen in the top right corner on every odd count, pause and press the green button until it turns orange, forget to breath, pause B and C, wait, blink quickly, breath from cylinder C and press play.

sat 3-10-16 6:06am

Countless arrangements of code slowly spinning in three dimensional holographic space in Conundrum Repository A18-7 offer an abundance of confusion and occasional enlightenment as it turns. Jokes and advanced technical formulae mingle indistinguishably from one another: a recipe for Manburger Helpster, a curse from a Misfortune Biscuit, schematics for a faster than light engine, a hate poem...

sun 2-7-16 10:44am

You stand on the side of the road, looking off into the magenta and green sunset where the Broken Moon hangs when a low hum begins to sound in the distance and an electric charge begins to fill the air as the hum grows loud and soon an echelon of hovertrikes can be seen fast approaching.

In an instant the group is upon you.

They are dressed as wizards and wave about various wands and staves while

some merely hover above the ground.

They start to circle you and they begin singing in concert.

They introduce themselves as the Road Wizards.

sun 1-31-16 6:17am

Visitors of the studio are welcome to bring their negativity with them to be placed into the machine peripheral dedicated for decimation and alteration where this putrefied material is converted into a useful substance. Protocol requires this be done on moment of entry or else risk being assessed as a threat by the overly capable and adequately harsh sentry droids.

thur 1-28-16 7:24am

When it feels like your human parts are getting sick, turn up your cyborg parts and let the alien technology do its thing.

sat 1-23-16 6:36am

Isolating the code hidden within the Spectromorphic wavelengths and using it in the manner prescribed via the information actualized in previously obtained samples of raw Spectramaterial allows us to compound and observe the essential eccentricities of alternate versions of ourselves giving insight into our personal hygiene patterns and bad habits.

Today The Church of Ingenuity will be Transcending in the Space Between Spaces, inside the hill and that is always interesting.

fri 1-15-16 5:45am

During a recent Techno-Ritual, four new wavelengths were discovered to exist within the Spectromorphic signal. Once analyzed it became apparent that these wavelengths contained some interesting theorems. Preliminary analysis of these newly discovered wavelengths offer insight into fresh new ways to warp. Warping allows us to better understand the stories conveyed by the Elder Programmers who originally established the Spectromorphic signal transmission.

The Spectromorphic signal live streams from the aether and appears to us as five billion years old and ten million years old and three weeks old depending on the measurement technique and the time of day and the month of the year. This knowledge will be utilized in exciting new ways in future engineering techniques enhancing the audio pleasure and information retention of listeners. This is truly a monumental day.

thur 1-14-16 6:18am

In another reality, you've been turned into soup by the stomach acids of a giant predator. Your next reincarnated form will be in Pittsburgh, as a disembodied brain that monitors a warehouse. Maybe it is time to come to terms with your position in this existence. Maybe it is time for jelly on toast.

wed 1-13-16 5:07am

Early in the morning is late in the day. The end of the year is the 600th day of the year on another planet in another galaxy. This moment marks one billion breaths. Have some coffee, eat some cereal or some eggs. The bacon does not know what day of the week it is.

Make sure to use the correct year, when writing checks your ass cannot pay.

tues 1-12-16 4:04pm

Struck by a strong dose of divine essence, after the hang-over passed, 'Little Dogs' was committed to memory and then the lyrics were etched into the snow and ice... and a new song was born.

wed 1-6-16 5:54am

Here are the facts: Space Squid will eat anything they can get their giant tentacles around. Moon Babies are Royal Honey for the Space Squid. Interdimensional Planetary Whales circle the Spectrosphere on the edge of the Aether and feed upon Spectromorphic Waves. Space Squid and Interdimensional Planetary Whales are natural enemies and will attack each other, given the opportunity. Rarely will a Space Squid kill an Interdimensional Planetary Whale. Also: Aether Turtles lay eggs on comets.
Learn more: soon...

sat 1-3-16 9:04am

Cleaning the machines with a little air, before Brother Bones shows up. Coffee is ready and the bean juice is on standby. Watching the clones of an ancient species kill each other over live feed. The plumbing around here seems to function better than ever, since I did that last fix to the data scrubbers. Thanks to The Esteemed Rodney Arthur, who is the being responsible for creating our website.

fri 1-1-16 1:23pm

Happy New Year!

thur 12-31-15 12:00pm

Welcome to Bigoo Studio's weblog! We finally have the website up and running and we are anxious to provide you with a full bouquet of aural pleasures. Please visit the audio page, and massage your earhole with some of Iowa's finest melodies.